In 1978 a group of Arabic-speaking Evangelicals started a mission meeting in Montreal under the
auspices of  Cote Des Neiges Presbyterian Church This lasted.

Till 1993  When  the founding group decided to petition the Presbytery of Montreal, to erect us a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Canada The petition was accepted, and the Rev. Nader Awad was inducted its first Minister. The congregation consisted of 21 members.

In 1994 Mr. Gamal Hanna and Mr. Guirguis Guirguis were ordained to be the first two ruling Elders of the Congregation.

In October 1996, after the departure of Rev. Awad, the Congregation called the Rev. Halim Tawfiq Jaied to be its Minister.

In 1997 Mr. Ibrahim Fahmi was ordained to be the third ruling Elder of the Congregation.

From October 1996 to December 2004, Rev. Jaied was the pastor, preacher and teacher who led by example in piety and humility At the end of 2004 The congregation called Rev. Samy Henein Said to be the pastor of the church and, with the help of the elders and the leaders, he continued this ministry. The work was not easy at the beginning but with the perseverance, the efforts and the prayers, the congregation took steady steps towards growth .

In  2005 the congregation had a huge outreach ministry and invited Better Life praise team from Egypt. Praise be to God the work was a success and we repeated the event in 2008.

In  2006 we had our first retreat which had spiritual benefits for the congregation. We continued to have one each year. We organized several revivals, social activities, seminars etc….

In 2007 we moved to Saint John Presbyterian Church, Laval. Then in 2009 we moved to église île Jésus Baptist Church.

The congregation started a noticeable growth after all these activities, especially after a large number s of new emigrants from Egypt and Syria arrived to Montreal and to the congregation. The church includes Arabic speaking from different communities, Egyptian, Syrian, Iraqis, Lebanese, Palestinians and others. Despite the diversity, the congregation is characterized by harmonious loving relationships.

In 2010 we started a new immigrants’ service, the church had an effective role to receive these new families and to help them settle in. These services are rendered, thanks to the Presbytery of Montreal, who gave us the manse where we could receive and accommodate the new comers, and to a dedicated team who is working diligently for this ministry.

By the grace of God and the action of The Presbytery of Montreal, we have acquired the building in Ville Saint-Laurent to be our permanent Church Building. It is currently renovation with the view of moving in early 2016.