Our mission and vision is to prepare leaders ready to serve GOD from inside and outside the church by equipping them with the knowledge to serve the church community.

The leadership training team lead by our pastor Samy Henien prepared the training contents based on 6 main topics covered in details:

1- Christian faith and belief.
2- The servant relationship with GOD.
3- How to discover and improve yourself
4- The servant relationship with others.
5- Principles of Christian counselling.

The previous topics have been divided on three phases. First phase was completed and currently we are continuing with the second phase.

In the second phase the trainees are requested to prepare research and summarize a book of their choice from the suggested books by the training team.

The topics are represented by specialized servants in those specific topics.

The number participated in the first phase is 25 trainees and second phase is 30 trainees.

The training is held every Saturday from 5:00pm to 8:30pm.